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The Brain Resource Center
The Brain Resource Center is dedicated to promoting brain health through personalized interventions that are aimed at improving brain functions as the key to achieving  psychological, emotional, and cognitive health. We offer the latest technology and interventions based on decades of neuroscience research and have developed a tailored process of assessment that measures brain functions for a more objective  diagnosis and a host of personalized interventions in helping individuals retrain brain functions for optimal performance.
 Assessment and Diagnostics
Our comprehensive assessment process compares brain functions and other physiological and cognitive measures to healthy norms so that imbalances and or disturbances are detected and identified.

The assessment process combines traditional methods of assessment (such as clinical interviews, scales, and other commonly used methods) with latest technology in brain imaging such as qEEG (a form of brain mapping that identifies functional disturbances compared to pre-established norms) and other related methods providing a personalized profile of current level of brain health and cognitive skills.

The result of the assessment process is a comprehensive report that links any mood related symptoms (depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc.) or limitations with cognitive abilities  (problems with learning, memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, executive functions, etc.) to objective measurable imbalances in the brain and autonomic nervous system. The convergence of evidence from physiological measures (brain and autonomic functions) and cognitive profile (how one performs cognitively) allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the person and devise a treatment plan that is tailored to that individual based on their personal physiology and cognitive style rather than one-size-fits-all approach or a trial and error model.
 Treatment & Retraining
Once a treatment plan is put together, various treatment options are set to retrain the brain for optimal level of functions promoting brain health, reduction of symptoms related to mood or cognitive issues, and to optimized level of functioning depending on the demands of oneʼs work environment and life style.



Brain topography showing brain activity pre and post treatment. Red and Orange (pre-treatment) indicating abnormal activity as compared to the norm and green (post-treatment) indicating normalization of brain functions.
Treatment options vary depending on age, diagnosis, symptom profile and severity, and personal preference and life style.

Treatment  options may involve a range of options such as various methods of re-training or stimulating the brain (operant conditioning of brain activity or neurofeedback, biofeedback, cognitive rehabilitation, LENS technique, HEG, etc.), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and medication if required or preferred.
 Question of Medication
Our goal is to help eliminate or reduce the use of medication whenever possible. Most clients who approach us prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach to their treatment or peak performance training. Clients are also often referred to our center in order to reduce or eliminate the use of medication (such as stimulants, anti-anxiety, high level of anti-depressant medication, etc.) due to side effects, medical complications (pregnancy or other issues), or simply personal choice or preference.  

However, there are clinical situations in which due to the nature of the disorder or  level of symptoms medication is recommended or required, at least initially. If medication is required or preferred, the result of our assessment can often help in identifying the most effective class of medication maximizing benefits and reducing the chance of undesired side effects. If the need for medication becomes evident, we can work with your preferred physician or help you choose on of ours from a network of outstanding psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychopharmacological experts who can prescribe and monitor medication.
 What is Personalized Medicine?
Personalized Medicine is about delivering the right treatment to the right person at the right time to maximize the safety and efficacy of treatment. Personalized medicine has the potential to change the way we think about, identify and manage health problems. Personalized medicine does not necessitate the use of medication but suggests and promotes the most efficacious intervention whether it is medication or non-pharmaceutical interventions such as neurofeedback, CBT, etc.

This approach is already having an exciting impact on both clinical research and patient care.  Personalized medicine promises better diagnoses and earlier interventions and more effective therapies.

Timely, evidence-based data can lead to better treatment titration and better outcomes for that individual. Personalized medicine is ultimately about using the patientʼs own baseline as the control as a tailored individually based and cognitive assessment rather than a one-size-fits-all approach or a trial and error model.
 Other Programs

Aside from clinical programs, we also offer peak performance programs for sports enhancement, brain fitness, executive coaching, and other consultation based on our methods our assessment and our team of expert consultants.


The Brain Resource Center works in collaboration with the
Brain Resource Ltd.


  We work effectively with children and adults with:  
Auditory Processing Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Learning Disabilities
Sensory Integration
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Tourette's Syndrome
Other Programs